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Alien Safari: Apex (Alien Safari Series Book 3) - Paperback Edition

Alien Safari: Apex (Alien Safari Series Book 3) - Paperback Edition

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New species. Old wounds. A fight for supremacy on the galaxy’s wildest planet.

When Hesperidia’s satellite defense system suffers a catastrophic failure, the meteor shower it was supposed to repel rains down over the terrified tourists on safari. Three large surface impacts trigger a crisis intervention from the colonial authorities. It results in the removal of the current governor, and auditions for a successor are soon underway. Jan, Alien Safari’s pre-eminent ranger-scientist, finds herself in competition with a formidable new male colleague, who’ll stop at nothing to win the top job.

Their assignment leads them to the frozen north, where the discovery of a deadly new species near one of the impact craters imperils not just the safari tours, but potentially all life on the continent as well. An expedition to capture the creature tests Jan’s survival resources to their limits, and provides a shocking reminder that mankind, for all its technological prowess, can’t hold a candle to the savage ingenuity of alien nature.

Meanwhile, Detective Vaughn, struggling to reintegrate after his absence, must face his tragic past head on when he learns that his niece has been targeted for assassination. To keep her safe, he brings her to an island haven on Hesperidia. But the timing of his return couldn’t be worse. A perfect storm of incident, treachery and planet-shaking events endangers the very future of human existence on this miraculous alien world.

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