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Cyber Sparks (eBook Edition)

Cyber Sparks (eBook Edition)

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Reality collides with a virtual awakening in this mind-bending cyber mystery.

Allegra has it all: wealth, fame, the love of her life, and she’s a top model for Semprica Cosmetics. But that’s not enough, her friends keep telling her. Reality itself is so yesterday. The new headset on the market is the hottest-selling device in history. It’s called the omnipod, and it lets you play God. Augmented reality, manipulating all the senses at once, gives the wearer the power to remake the world around them.

But when Allegra finally takes the plunge down the cyber rabbit hole, something unprecedented happens. Her omnipotence isn’t merely superficial – it awakens a new dimension in human-digital evolution. And no sooner has she begun to explore the awesome implications of her ability, when a mysterious voice interrupts her journey…

He says she’s in danger, and that she must help him warn the public about the perils of the omnipod before it’s too late. But how does he know so much? He seems to have eyes everywhere, and chilling words she can’t escape. Then comes the crux: if she doesn’t do his bidding, he has the power to destroy both her worlds.
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