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Star Binder (Star Binder Series Book 1) - eBook Edition

Star Binder (Star Binder Series Book 1) - eBook Edition

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "An outstanding work of young adult science fiction. Jim and Sergei are the contemporary sci-fi version of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn." -- Readers' Favorite

Born on the streets. Made in the stars.

A discovery made deep under the polar ice of Mars has profound implications for young Jim Trillion and his best friend, Sergei: two orphaned grifters scraping a living in the planet’s oases resorts. After saving the life of a famous explorer from a terrorist attack, they’re thrust into a dangerous world of alien hunters, top secret organizations, and mind-bending interstellar travel.

As the threat of an invasion mounts, repeated appearances by a mysterious messenger persuades Jim to embark on a personal odyssey to solve the riddle of his past. Sergei won’t let him go it alone, nor will the group of loyal friends they’ve made along the way. But even together, they’ll need all their street smarts, as well as their newly-acquired skills, if they’re to have any chance of surviving an encounter at the heart of one of the galaxy’s oldest and most awesome secrets – the Star Binder.


Readers say:

"Appleton pushes the boundaries of the imagination with emotional stakes and a heroic quest in this must-read novel!" -- Review by Liz Konkel

"I read about 200 novels per year. This one is truly special. Great character development and a unique story. Great job!" -- Kindle Customer

"Set on Mars, Star Binder by Robert Appleton is an exciting story that combines elements of sci-fi with adventure, and sends readers on a rollicking ride across the galaxy... Appleton establishes himself as a great storyteller, and readers will love his memorable characters." -- Readers' Favorite Review

"Star Binder by Robert Appleton is exactly the kind of science fiction novel I am into these days, and it is great... Lately I have searched for books concerned with how life in the near future will look as we branch out and settle our solar system... Star Binder is one of the best examples I have read of this particular type of science fiction." -- Review by Ray Simmons

"This is RIDICULOUSLY good. The narrative is smooth, the action is engaging, the characters are fleshed out, the concepts explained in a way that flows well. I might have found another favorite author." -- John Harrison

"Star Binder by Robert Appleton is a book I'll most certainly be recommending." -- Samantha DeWitt

"Great story in a fantastic setting - from the colony on Mars to the galaxy. And of course there are strange aliens, both benign and evil." -- Smashwords Review

"Wow this is a great read! Think Ender's Game meets Lord of the Flies - this was so much fun to read." -- Amazon US

"Too good to put down. The story kept my heart racing." -- Amazon US

"I only have a few words about this book------it was amazing and and so much fun to follow all the characters to the stars and back again..." -- Amazon US

"Very well written. Found it hard to put it down. Great characters that you just want to know and travel with them on their adventures." -- Amazon US

"Page turner for sure." -- Amazon US

"Best book I've read in a VERY long time! The story just pulled me in. I didn't want the book to end and yet I couldn't stop reading it. Great character development and a riveting story line. I have to find more by this author!" -- Amazon US

"Original and creative. A joy to read. Robert creates a new universe that is inspiring and wholly unique. The first book I’ve read for too long that I was happy to be reading. His characters are round/full and captivating." -- Amazon US

"Grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it throughout." -- Amazon US

"Great story. Well written and exciting. I really enjoyed it." -- Amazon US

"STAR BINDER magnetizes reader's attention and provides a very satisfying reading experience." -- Haunted Reader

"Great storyline and Trillion is a great character." -- Amazon US

"Loved this. The characters are well rounded and flawed. The action, the war zone, New worlds and space flight, but the best is the interaction between characters, the rows, disagreements and discussions." -- Amazon UK

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